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    Pandora Wanda's Garden Black Charm XS193B clearance sale

Pandora Wanda's Garden Black Charm XS193B clearance sale

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'There still a chance I can live a fulfilling life' Jake Waltier has a great deal to live for and he is fully aware of that fact.

Softly spoken, with a gentle temperament and unruly brown hair, he talks enthusiastically about rugby, singing and target shooting. It is impossible not to notice his smile; it breaks out at the slightest hint of mischief, and makes him the very picture of joie de vivre. But the 14 year old faces many challenges. Whenever his legs flop out of bed in the middle of the night, his parents have to get up and tuck them back in. He is unable to raise his hands above his head. He can only stand with the support of leg braces. And he requires assistance to visit the lavatory. When he was two and a half, Jake was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This condition, which affects one in 6,000 births in Britain, causes progressive muscle weakness as the nerves connecting the muscles to the brain and spinal cord gradually break down. Mental faculties remain unaffected, but there is no known cure. can be quite harsh, he says, sitting in his wheelchair at home in a village outside Worcester. can feel quite frustrated and alone, and sometimes you feel like an outcast. But if you put your mind to it, you can do lots of careers, hobbies, anything you want. You just have to be positive and make it happen. do feel that I live a fulfilling life. I taking 12 GCSEs, and I thinking about being a lawyer when I grow up. Spinal Muscular Atrophy was the condition that affected Ben, Max and Olivia Clarence, the three young children whose bodies were discovered at their home in New Malden, Surrey, on Wednesday. Tania Clarence, 42, was charged with their murder on Friday. News of their deaths affected Jake deeply. are going to be hard, but you never know what going to happen in a year, a month, a day. With SMA, there still a chance you can live a fulfilling life. Jake is the youngest of three boys. His older brothers, Henry, 21, and Sam, 20, both keen rugby players, are studying charm bracelets australia at Exeter University. His father, Richard, a former major in the Army, is the director of a recruitment firm; his mother, Debbie, works for a wealth management company. sale on pandora charms Coping with Jake disability, they say, has been long and difficult road was a completely normal child for the first two years of his life. But then he started to have difficulties walking, so we took him to the doctor, says Mr Waltier, 50. he was first diagnosed, it was like falling off a cliff. It felt like grief but with him still being alive. But we gradually came to terms with it. I don know if it is the British spirit but when you love your child, you just got to get on and make things work. suddenly presented with a world you never expected to live in, adds Mrs Waltier, also 50. thought the script was going one way, and you given a different set of lines. But sometimes you need to sit back and think, I think this is OK. I think we doing all right. Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a genetically inherited condition that arises when both parents are carriers (there are about 1.5 million carriers in Britain). There are three types that affect children, which range in severity. Sufferers of Type One, the most common form, are unlikely to reach their second birthday. Children diagnosed with Type Two will never be able to walk, and are at risk of developing fatal respiratory problems. It is thought that the three children who died last week were suffering from this form of the condition. Jake has been diagnosed with Type Three, and while sufferers may experience breathing and swallowing difficulties, it does not usually affect life expectancy. A well known person affected by this is Lady Campbell, the life peer and commissioner of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Parents who pandora gold charm bracelet discover that they are both carriers often decide not to have any more children, for fear of passing on a serious disorder. This was a factor in the Waltiers decision to have no further children after Jake. The practical challenges can be significant. The Waltier family nan pandora charm home is a 1750 farmhouse with narrow staircases and doorways, which is not wheelchair friendly. But as the property is Grade II listed, they have not been able to get planning permission to make the necessary adaptations. This has a profound impact on their quality of life. Mr Waltier is forced to carry his son upstairs in a fireman lift every night; as Jake gets bigger this has become increasingly difficult. Two years ago, Jake broke one of his legs when he was going to the lavatory. He was in plaster for 12 weeks, during which time his muscle atrophy accelerated. Then, in October, just as he had recovered, he slipped off a chair and broke his arm so badly that two metal rods had to be inserted into the bone. went downhill from there, and I ended up needing a wheelchair full time, Jake says. really took me down for a while. The Waltiers have decided that life in the farmhouse just isn working any more. They have put it up for sale, and are planning to move to a bungalow. parents, we become more concerned about our own mortality, because Jake relies on us so much, says Mr Waltier. do worry about the future, but you can allow it to control your life. You get very good at living with Pandora box closed. has put stress on our relationship, says Mrs Waltier. at the same time it has brought us closer. We understand in a single look what each other are thinking, whether it sadness, frustration or bewilderment. We don even have to say anything. We need to support each other because we only got each other. The family has developed its own coping techniques. When Jake has had a bad day, he and his father play the game which involves shouting as many swear words as possible in half a minute. gets it out of our system, Mr Waltier explains. works. So long as nobody is listening. Mr and Mrs Waltier also take inspiration from Jake. has incredible courage and resilience, says Mrs Waltier. a way, he copes better than we do. Actually, he our hero, more than any sporting personality. At the same time, Jake says that he draws strength from them. parents and brothers keep me motivated, he says, well as the Paralympians. They don just sit around and do nothing, they go out there and make it happen. After the Paralympic Games in 2012, Jake was moved to take up target shooting. He is now being trained by Keith Morris, who won a silver at the 1988 Paralympics in Seoul. For years, he would watch his brothers play rugby while being unable to participate himself; now he has found a sport in which he can excel. And he does excel at it. Even his father, who served for 12 years in the Army, cannot compete. Over the next 12 months, Jake is planning to start entering competitions, both in Britain and overseas. Notwithstanding the challenges and struggles, the future is looking bright.

is a lot that Jake can do, says Mr Waltier, just needs to go about it in a different way. Seeing him manage and adapt are continual highlights for us. We just very proud of him.

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