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    Pandora Beads With Stones XS052A clearance

Pandora Beads With Stones XS052A clearance

Pandora is a universe of jewelry. Each piece is Danish designed, and handcrafted in sterling silver or 71K gold.World famous for the bracelet and twist-on charm design.Pandora also offers a whole collection of earrings, rings, and necklaces to provide a coordinated look with the most popular bead de...

TV's Ten Years Younger made me feel THIRTY YEARS OLDER Like most of the participants on Channel 4's Ten Years Younger programme, Julie Davis, 46, admitted there was plenty about herself she would like to change.

Years of frowning thanks to back pain had left her with deep ageing lines across her forehead, and with her confidence at an all time low, Julie had taken to hiding pandora bracelet ideas herself in layers of unflattering jumpers. Naturally, when Julie, a childminder, was accepted onto the show last year she felt nothing but excitement about the journey she was embarking on. Over the following months, she was given a no expense spared makeover, and predictably pandora style jewellery the programme's concluding scenes unveiled Julie transformed with smooth skin, glossy blonde hair and a perfect smile. But a year on and Julie, who lives in Worthing with her husband Mark, 44, a computer engineer and sundance jewelry three children Robert, 21, Laura, 19, and Jack, 13, regrets applying to take part. Not only does she say she was treated more like a product than a person, but she's been left in agonising pain due to the cosmetic dentistry a set of ten veneers nz pandora she was given as part of her makeover. The veneers, which were inserted over her own teeth by Ten Years Younger dentist Dr Surinder Hundle in London in March last year, have left her unable to drink hot or cold drinks without a straw. Her teeth also throb with pain if she even exposes them to a breeze. At night, she sufferers nightmares in which her teeth are being pulled out, and she wakes every morning with an agonising headache. She's also had to spend 1,000 of her own money in order to try to find a solution. Worst of all, Julie insists there was nothing wrong with her teeth in the first place. 'I was keen for the show to be a success and felt under pressure to have the work done. If you watch the closing scenes of the programme, I'm standing there smiling and all my friends and family are looking really happy,' says Julie. 'But that was far from the reality of the situation. The production team had to keep telling me to smile and act all surprised, but I was in so much agony I found it a struggle not to cry. 'Then, at the end of filming, they made me pose with a cocktail and I couldn't even sip it because my teeth were shooting with pain. It was meant to be the happiest moment of my life, but I felt close to tears. 'My friends and family were worried too, they knew I was putting on an act. At that point, I could only hope the pain would subside. I couldn't get hold of any pain killers strong enough. I just wanted to go home.' Indeed, Julie says she is so miserable about what's happened that she is now considering the drastic move of having her own teeth taken out and resorting to wearing dentures. Presenter Nicky Hambleton Jones: Mrs Davis said she was cold and unfriendly off camera 'I'd never have agreed to go on the show if I'd known this was the state I would be left in,' says Julie. 'The most I was told by the dentist was that my teeth would be sensitive for a while. They didn't say anything about actual pain. As it is, I'm in constant agony.' When Julie applied to the show, she was full of high hopes for her transformation. 'I was feeling low about my appearance,' she says. 'I didn't like what I saw in the mirror and thought I looked much older than I was. I felt like I was stuck in a rut. I hoped the show would make me feel great.' But from the moment filming started, Julie felt disappointed and nervous. She noticed quickly that the show's presenter, Nicky Hambleton Jones, known for her ability to put the show's guests at ease, was quite different off camera. 'Nicky was cold and distant and not how she appears on screen at all,' says Julie. 'She'd rather stand picking her fingernails then speak to you between takes while filming. 'You could tell it was very much just a job to her. I felt a bit disappointed. I didn't think we'd be friends, but on camera she seems warm and caring and I'd expected her to be the same off camera.' She says: 'I'd applied to be on the show because I was unhappy with the frown lines on my face, but during the initial consultation they asked me to describe everything I didn't like about myself. 'This was in a room full of people, with all of them nodding in agreement and pointing out what was wrong with me. I mentioned I didn't like the way my front teeth overlapped and the team sent me to the dentist. I then found myself lying on the dentist's chair, with the camera crew staring at me, and I felt quite desperate to do anything to look better. 'The dentist, Dr Surinder Hundle, showed me all these images of my teeth and said that I had 'long' teeth and they were very stained. 'No one put words in my mouth or openly pressured me in to having veneers done.

Instead, I was swept along in the process and eventually capitulated, and said: "OK, do my teeth, too." 'But really, until that point, I hadn't thought there was anything wrong with my teeth, a fact that I believe is reflected in the before pictures, which show my teeth as they originally were.'.

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