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    Pandora Silver Alpha Z Charm LE02-Z clearance event

Pandora Silver Alpha Z Charm LE02-Z clearance event

The Pandora Silver Alpha Z Charm is a fun way to personalise any Pandora collection. Hand finished, the sterling silver alphabet bead has oxidised detail so the capital letter Z stands out beautifully. The perfect bead to customise your bracelet further with either an initial, to spell out a name or...

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It's not something you see every day. But at Union Station in Los Angeles last month, a board went up with dollar bills attached to it with pushpins and a sign that read, "Give What You Can, Take shopping pandora charm What You Need." "People of all genders, races, and socio economic backgrounds gave and took," said Tyler Bridges of The Toolbox, which created the project. "We even had a bride, in her wedding dress come up to the board and take a few dollars." Most of the bills on the board were singles, but a few people left fives, tens and even twenties. The clip shows one man who had found a $20 bill pinning it to the board. "What I can say for the folks that gave the most, is that they were full of smiles," Bridges said. "There's a certain feeling that giving can do for you and that was definitely apparent in those that gave the most." Most people who took dollars took pandor only a few, but Bridges said a very small number took as much as they could. While the clip might look like part of a new ad campaign or marketing stunt, Bridges said the only goal was to show generosity and compassion. He added that he hopes people in other cities might try similar projects and post their own videos. "After all, everyone has bad days and good days," he said. "Some days you need a helping hand and some days you can be the one giving the helping hand. So we just wanted to encourage the people and remind them to 'share the love.'" See pandora bracelet complete with charms the sharing in action in the clip above. Earlier this year, Bridges launched another social experiment in which homeless people were given haircuts. That video has since been viewed buy cheap pandora charms more than 2 million times. Microsoft titan Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have devoted their lives to tackling some of the world's toughest problems. With an endowment of $38.3 billion, The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation takes on projects in fields as diverse as hunger, poverty and education. The foundation granted $3.4 billion in payments for projects in 2012 alone.

"We're both optimists," the couple once wrote in a letter. "We believe by doing these things focusing on a few big goals and working with our partners on innovative solutions we can help every person get the chance to live a healthy, productive life.".

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